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Co-Author Your Next Love Story

Does one of the below describe you?

  • Single, successful and busy, but not dating. You desire to make your love life work as well, if not better than your career. You want to take action, but how?

  • Single, actively dating or in a relationship. But you feel that your love life is not as wonderful as it should be. There are missing pieces, but you don’t know what and how to fill in the gap.

  • In a relationship that feels like it’s not going anywhere. You feel like you are not in love anymore, and you begin to wonder is he/she the one? What should your next step be?

  • Married with or without children. You are stuck with some problems that keep recurring and you have run out of steam trying to communicate with your spouse. You don’t feel loved anymore but you still love your spouse and want to make your marriage work.

  • Recently broken up, going through separation or divorced and you want to get over your ex and to move on with your life.

  • You want things to be better. You have no issues with your current life, but you know you have the ability to make it better. You just need to know the hows and whats.

  • You are happy with your life and is compelled to share and help others.


Au Mayari  started her Love & Relationship practice in 2013 after her certifications and raining in Singapore by the  Mind Transformations and other schools with the advocacy  to inspire and influence individuals to improve on their personal relationships and make a difference in their lives. She believes that mindfulness in the way we express love and relate to people we care about (including oneself) brings happiness to our lives.  Personal fulfillment and happiness create better individuals, families, and communities, in which , in a bigger scale, could prevent conflict and bring peace and harmony to the world. She uses Neuro Lingistic Programming techniques, Behavioral Sciences, Esoteric wisdom,  Energy Management,  Law of Attraction, Tantric principles and other Psycho-spiritual techniques to discover, understand, and resolve conflicts and issues in people's personal lives and relationships.

She has been guiding numerous individuals, couples and families for years and  has  created  love retreats and workshops that is being conducted in different parts of the world integrating science and spirituality to nurture expression, create change, and transformation.

Her newest module is understanding the nature of relationships at the soul level which touches the topics of soulmates, twin flames, and the purpose of each kind of soul connection.



"Joining the Love Happy retreat gave me more than what I asked for. I have learned many things about love, not just romantically but especially love for myself which is a very important factor if one has to have a lasting and fulfilling relationship with another person. The retreat was able to uncover root causes of many problems in my life and other participant's life which affects everything and in this case, the Love aspect of one's life. We have been provided with a safe and supportive environment to be vulnerable making it a conducive venue for overall healing. I have also been given the opportunity to meet soul siblings in this retreat which is huge plus! I would highly recommend Love Happy retreat to anyone who seeks understand Love with its many aspects and to those who want to manifest the Love they dream about."


Ello Palma, Fashion Designer

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