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Your Life Purpose

Are you...

  • Highly motivated to succeed in life an d wants to breakthrough the blocks that lies ahead and may be beyond your control?

  • Running after a promotion at work but does not know what will it take to do so?

  • Yearning for a career change but is uncertain on the hows and whats?

  • Confused on where to go in life?

  • Having difficulties relating with the boss and other peers?

Life work is an important aspect in our lives. Studies have shown that fulfillment and success with happiness on career has got to do with alignment with your strengths and purpose, as well as our relationships with people we work with.We all go through our jobs in a daze until some challenges and blockages hits us in the middle of our career.  It helps to be aware of what you can offer that the world can benefit and appreciate, as well as, how you can turn challenges to your competitive advantage.


Au Mayari  has been in the corporate for more than 15 years owning some businesses along the way until she realized her true life ans soul purpose- guiding and connecting people. She is a go-to person of different spiritual practitioners and healers who had difficulty in finding their path, in realizing to their true soul purpose and  in  translating to something that could earn them a living. She has also guided individuals in business and management positions in times of their most difficult situations and career decisions. Book a session and include this in your questions!

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