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Intuitive Reading


            If you are trying out a Reading Session for the first time, this is highly recommended. Best for inquiries about  day-to-day life issues and major decisions concerning love, career, wealth, and etc. The session starts with a General Reading of the different aspects of your life. After which, you can ask questions in any subject matter related to you. It is highly advised that you ask questions only related to yourself and not of other people who has no relation and business with you as this kind of inquiry is regarded as intrusion that invades the privacy of other people. You can ask as many questions you want within the time duration given (maximum of 2 hours) in a session. 



            This is best for questions spiritual in nature like life and soul purpose, spiritual path, destiny, past lives, and future incarnations. Akasha is a plane and field of energy where all information about you are stored from past to future lives. Nobody cannot access that except yourself. Through certain Sacred Prayers and with your permission, your Akashic Records are opened for inquiry where your questions are answered. It is highly recommended you prepare yourself a list of questions before going to this session. Questions must be open-ended (What, Why and How) and not answerable by yes or no. Mae cannot interpret the information given to her, and thus, has to relay to you the answers verbatim. If there are any answers that are unclear, you may ask the Akashic Records to specify, expound or clear. She cannot ask that for you. Your questions must only be about yourself as we cannot open the records of others without their permission. 


              Past life reading can be accessed through reading tarot cards, opening the Akasha, or through other Intuitive means. Mae employs any of those modalities that resonate at that moment. What is usually gained from it is an understanding of what influences you in this lifetime that came from past lives like habits, career, lovelife, and etc. You can also gain awareness of the soulmate relationships in your life as well as the lessons you need to learn and what you need to accomplish in this lifetime.



            If you have dreams about a departed loved one, are being reminded of them incessantly, or simply can't move on from the loss, it is highly probable that they are still around with a message needed to be delivered to you. You need to bring a picture or any object used by the departed one for this session to recognize energy signature as some spirits can pretend to be them. Spirit Communication can only be done when the Spirit is around. This cannot be done If they are already moved on to the Light, in this case, an Akashic Reading of them is done instead. Spirit Communication is also for getting messages from your spirit guides and guardian angels for guidance.

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