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Intuitive & Spiritual Development

The Philippine Academy of Intuitives (PAInt, Inc.) was founded in October, 2013 by Mae Seracarpio together with Intuitive Counselor, Chiqui Martinez  with the aim of uplifting the spiritual aspect of the society through expansion of awareness and raising of consciousness through integration of spiritual principles and tools to practical daily aspects of life. 


They started the first Intuitive Counseling Course focused on Intuitive Development applied to counsel oneself and others. They also found different teachers, instructors, facilitators and mentors who are adept in their own field of practice and shares the same passion in the advocacy. For more information about PAInt, Inc. click HERE.

Au Mayari  teaches the following seminar, workshops and courses:

  • Intuitive Development - Discovering and developing your innate intuitive gifts through different  time-tested techniques . You will also learn how you can apply them your practical day-to-day life to excel and achieve goals. Mae has been teaching this module since 2006 as a course called PSIONICS when she was involved with The Cebu Paranormal Society. in 2006. Through time and experience being with the Spirit Questors, Manila , she honed this module and then taught it under PAInt since 2014.

  • Tarot Card Reading - Learning to use tarot as a tool to read and translate energies to useful information using your intuitive abilities to guide oneself and others in the ways of life and spirit. She and her late husband has been teaching this module since 2011 to Spirit Questors of Manila new members and has became a formal course taught in different centers since 2014. This module have two courses -- Basic and Advanced each with two aspects - Technical and Intuitive. They started with the mission of demystifying the use of the tarot so it can be used by any individuals seeking guidance for oneself.

  • Reading Subtle Energy - This a workshop on learning how to sense and interpret energy in your environment with different spiritual tools and esoteric techniques. It also teaches how to affect and influence your environment for harmony and a good sense of well-being. 

  • Intuitive Heart Coaching- A course on how to use the heart field to get guidance for oneself and others. Empathy is a specialized form of clairsentience that enables one to feel more intensely than others. This gift, if honed well is a very good compass to those seeking clarity.  It also helps people get more attuned to their spiritual nature. This is a unique kind of coaching developed by Mae for those who are called to hold space to the depressed, sad, those experiencing grief, pain, loss. It also includes guidance for connection and relationships

  • Love Happy Retreats & Workshops - These are different workshops applying different statuses- singles, couples, and to those undergoing separation. All of these workshops are laden with spiritual wisdom that awakens and heightens awareness of oneself and others with the thrust of imparting mindfulness as the integral element of good relationships with oneself and others.

If you are interested in any of the above, write us through the CONTACT US box. She also gives one-on-one online private mentoring sessions which you can set a schedule at your own convenience through the link below.

Classes & Workshops

Please click HERE  to schedule a session today!

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