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Intuitive Scanning


            Crystals can be used to correct energy blockages and weaknesses. This session is about uncovering these blockages and weaknesses and pairing it with the best crystal that has certain beneficial effect on your energy body. Witness and learn how you can select the proper crystal to boost your energy as well as how to use them for your practical, day-to-day life.



            Be aware of what causes your bodily physical pain, weakness, stress, anxiety or depression in the energetic level. This session will also give you the tools to correct them through practical means as well as guide you to what organs in the body should healing be focused on. 


              The energy in our environment influences our sense of wellness and well being . Productivity, luck, wealth, health and relationships can also be influenced by the spaces we occupy most of the times. Combining Feng Shui principles with Intuitive techniques, this unravels the seen and unseen factors influencing the flow of chi to the space that can be corrected through practical means. Clearing the space is done after scanning.




             Remote viewing is intuitively scanning a person or space from a distance. This is often beneficial if  a loved one is deemed missing or a place of inquiry is inaccessible for physical scanning. This session is not for checking up someone who you have lost communication with you and does not want to contact you. It is also not for intrusion of property you do not own or is not related to you. 

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