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Updated: Feb 25, 2019

What is special about the tarot cards is that it is a very good tool for your day-to-day guidance. It can aid you in making life decisions especially if you know how to access it the right way.

The Major Arcana depicts the journey of consciousness -- as how it evolves over time as we experience life. Each card expresses the archetypal personification of that consciousness in every stage of your journey in life. Each suit of the MInor Arcana, on the other hand, corresponds to the energetic evolution of the different aspects of life - the cups pertaining to emotions and relationships, the pentacles to resources and wealth, the wands to our career, ambitions and actions, and the swords to our mental well being.

Everytime I get stuck in a difficult situation especially when it involves a very hard decision,

I journey the tarot.

Journeying the tarot involves a certain technique and, at the same time, awareness of your intuitive abilities. One taps in a different realm using the card as an anchor or a space where you get more insights beyond it's technical symbology. This is one of my own personal way to get more specific information when I read others. It is also a very good tool for me to go out of personal bias. It allows me to tap into my subconscious to provide the information I may not be consciously aware of in my life.

I rarely read for myself, but in times of challenges and obstacles, this becomes my go-to tool for my inner process and spiritual growth. Sometimes I get insights that are Universal - information that can apply not only to my particular situation but to the collective whole... and sometimes I get a very customized or personalized advice. In either way, a sense of authenticity and honesty with oneself is needed so as not to “project” only your subconscious desires into the reading.

In the next coming articles, I will share significant insights I got from these journeys. This blog will not only be just about journeying the tarot, but living it as I go through life. I will be sharing also the amazing true-to-life stories of people as I see them living the tarot journey as well as the lessons and spiritual wisdom we may get out of it.

Don’t hesitate to share and suggest topics as well. In this journey, where we are all cruising this life towards conscious evolution, each individual success is the triumph of all.

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