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Coaching Sessions


              Are you experiencing loss, disconnection, depression, and/or are your currently in a state of emotional turmoil? Do you want to get through the pain, hurt, sadness, guilt, anger that is stopping you from fully living with peace and joy in your life? Unprocessed emotions are misplaced energies in our lives that creates confusion and sometimes paralysis with the sense of being "stuck" in a situation. This session enables you to uncover your emotional truth  and  use it as a tool for growth and movement from hopelessness and helplessness towards solutions and resolutions. This also impacts your life in making major life decisions that is aligned both with your heart, mind and spirit.



               Do you feel that you want more fulfilling personal  relationships? Have a love life and relationship check-up!  This session helps singles and couples alike -- whether seeking for a partner,  working through a conflict, mending a broken heart, or finding connection with oneself . Heal emotional traumas of the past and move on towards a happier emotional future. Learn new paradigms that will help you connect more with people that are important in your life. A 75 year study  in Harvard have shown that happy relationships  is the overall determinant of a happy fulfilling life. Start working on your relationships now and don't miss experiencing joy in this lifetime!


              Do you want to make a positive change in your life? Whether it is weight loss, stopping a bad habit, starting a business, addressing anxiety and depression, improving finances or relationships, this session will help you jump start that goal into action. It will help guide you through the obstacles that may hamper your way and give you the tools to break through internal limits and boundaries. This is a session that definitely changes your life inwardly and outwardly. 


               A business is a represented as a collective conscious  energy of the people that make it happen. The state of this energy and how it responds to the environment greatly influence what makes a businesses succeed or not. Sometimes, regardless of all efforts, things do not work out. This is where Spiritual Business Management comes in. This is best for entrepreneurs and business owners who are trying to grapple and make sense of the overwhelming dynamics in business. Feng Shui, Numerology, Astrology, and other Esoteric Wisdom coupled with Business Management principles will shed light to those factors considered uncertain and uncontrollable so you can maximize the opportunities with the right action and less effort.



                If you have tried everything in every Marketing book to promote your product or business but still is does not work, there may be other unseen factors involved. This consultation session will make you aware of what you are missing out. You will also gain refreshing ideas and  new strategies on how to connect with your target clientele. What you get out of this session is not only a diagnostic view of what drives the sale but also a marketing plan for you to succeed.

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